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Under Iron Feet

live sooo goood.

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there's a flood at my university. water's going back now, but it already caused severe damages. our printing house is completely destroyed, we're still hoping the brand new offset printer will make it... other buildings on the campus are also affected.
we even started sewing our own sandbags because there weren't any left in the area. it was amazing to see everybody help together, to save what's left.
so, it kinda would be nice to support us, for example by buying the awesome some magazin or donate (link in german). even the smallest amount can help.

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first picture me, then slanted, last one via Johannes!

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this was released ten years ago. ten.
feels strange how time flies...

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fashion show

this semester's work. selfmade screenprint.
photos from intwoo (more pictures there) and HalleON

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