Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spinnerette - Sex Bomb Vinyl


Hi Lovers!

We're not dropping f-bombs, we're dropping SEX BOMB! Why? Because we love you and we want to make love to you. Spinnerette is releasing a special version of SEX BOMB in various formats for all your music-fetish needs. We've got the 7" sexy hot-pink vinyl with the original version of Sex Bomb on side T and Adam Freeland's gnarly remix on side A.

Yes, sides T&A just for you. We also put a lovely digital bouquet together for you, with all the stems to the original version of Sex Bomb so you can play around make your own remixes. Drop your own sex bombs everywhere. And for those that like it all, we've got the threesome package where you can get the 7", digital downloads and the stems.

Visit the Spinnerette Sex Bomb site below to get all the goodies, and there you can also send a little lovegram to all the sex bombs in your life, from know, as foreplay until you see them yourselves! Have a very sexy Valentine's day!

We love you madly, you sex bombs.
sex bomb site
xxx Spinnerette

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